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Palm and PowerPoint

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  • Palm and PowerPoint

    I know there are some real Palm devotees here, so pardon me for a slightly off-topic question. According to the Palm site, I can synch a Powerpoint presentation to my Palm TX, transfer it to a Presenter to Go file, and then just hook up the Palm to the LCD projector, and away we go...

    has anyone done it? Does it work? Is it buggy? How do you advance the slides?

    Carolina Songbird

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    I have one colleague who is known for giving talks this way. It does seem to work. Other colleagues seem to regard it as some kind of mild aberration, of the type often found in academics.


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      I Goggled the product and the hardware side of the equation appears to have gone away....

      However the quick summary of working this product is ...
      1] convert your powerpoint presentation as per the Presenter to Go instructions.
      2] Hook up a cable via the SD slot on the palm to the projector.
      3] Use the included remote control to move between slides.

      If your interested I would suggest a simple goggle search on "presenter to go" as it will turn up a good number of hits, many of which review the product in a favorable light. If you then wish to get the equipment, ebay may be your best bet.