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ActiveSync doesn't allow to configure Tasks settings

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  • ActiveSync doesn't allow to configure Tasks settings

    I need advice, maybe a site where I can find a solution. I have a Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone. I use ActiveSync to syncronize between Outlook and the phone. In previous phone (Windows Mobile 2003) and the same ActiveSync version it allows to configure Tasks settings for syncronization (I always choosed "Only Incomplete" option). In this case Settings is not allowed to configure so it tries to syncronize all tasks (more then 1500) and runs out of memory. Did you have such a problem? Who can help with any ideas on how to allow to configure settings for Tasks in ActiveSync?



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    I'm not a MS Smart-phone user or a MS platform user. However, I always find it useful to update any software (i.e. sync) when I upgrade my equipment. Usually does the trick of restoring all the functions that the older version had that got broken by the new equipment.

    So head over to the MS site and see if they have a newer version of the active sync software.