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source for Palm accessories??

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  • source for Palm accessories??

    Santa needs to know where to buy a flip case for a Zire 71 that will really hold it securely but allow quick access for an on-the-go GTDer? Anyone have a such an item and cares to recommend or disrecommend a particular style?

    Is there such a thing as a flip case that can also hold a little pad of paper or index cards for hand written capture?

    Also, where buy to external card for Zire 71?

    Is there some kind of a card that can become a USB device so you can print directly from desktop? Is this really functional?

    And, the folding keyboard? Any problems with the one made by Belkin or must one stick with Palm merchandise?Or is it such a pain to work with it is not worth the trouble? Must it be used at a desk or can you use it on your lap if you are riding a passenger in a bus or car ?

    I just don't understand Palm providing so little useful information to the consumer that one must solicit input from other consumers to get basic information about products, but that's the way it is I guess.
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    To help out Santa, the following is provided:

    1] Cases ... Belkin have a range of leather cases that should meet your needs. A couple even have slots for business cards. Link is:

    2] Card that allows USB printing. I'm going to presume that the card is a SD card that fits into the SD port on the palm and you then want to convert it to a USB unit. The answer is yes ... it's called SanDisk Ultra 11 SD Plus USB/SD Card.

    Basically it works this way. Place the card in the SD port and save your work to it. Then remove the card from the SD port and fold it in half, which exposes the USB connection. Plug the USB connection into the nearest USB port and your off and running. Though it may make sense to have a short USB extender cable as the SanDisk card's form factor may make direct connection difficult. Link to review:

    Pictures of the unit in action:

    Cost wise it's not the cheapest item but worth the money.

    3] Keyboard ... have the palm version which works well. However as it's a fold away item it needs a solid surface for support. The pivot point for folding is right in the center of the keyboard, so if it's on your lap, it's likely to close up on you.

    If you need a keyboard for mobile use, take a look at thinkoutside. They, if my memory is correct were the first to come our with palm keyboards. They have a model with a "lap lock", will set you back around $150 so think carefully. Link to:

    4] Palms position ... who can tell. It's not the company that it was a couple of years ago!

    Happy shopping.


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      Santa appreciates "informational" elves aswell as the ones in then production line.


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        Originally posted by ReBuild View Post
        The answer is yes ... it's called SanDisk Ultra 11 SD Plus USB/SD Card.
        That really is fantastic. Thanks for posting.


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          Sandisk card is better than "mee too" devices

          That Sandisk card is wonderful: I have several.
          Shoot a photo, pop the card into the USB port of a laptop, and the photo is transferred. Also ensures that you have a USB drive available whenever you have your Treo around (assuming that you use a Treo or similar device).

          Caution: There are "me too" devices that don't fold & flip like the Sandisk (or like an old "transformers" toy). They have a tiny friction fit cap that covers the USB end. I find that tugging on the USB end to remove the card from a camera or other device that engages the SD end, frequently results in the USB cap popping off. Spend the extra $5 and buy the Sandisk.


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            aI ppreciate the entire response.


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              About the SanDisk card -- what are you printing? Because I think there are some conversion issues from the Palm OS to PC if you're wanting to print things like Docs To Go Word or Excel formats. I'm not sure, but something to check into.

              On the keyboards - I tried one for my Palm and ended up abandoning it because it was just easier to carry my laptop around by the time I unfolded the thing and plugged it in to the Palm. Some have folding schems that won't collapse in your lap. I would have stuck with it probably if I'd sprung for the Bluetooth version...I tried an IR wireless one and hated it (used a gimmicky mirror to reflect the signal into the top of the Palm IR port).

              For the money, I like Belkin cases. You can spend more and get really nice leather or brand name ones with extra features, but all I wanted was something relatively small that would clip to my belt. YMMV.