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creative technical products?

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  • creative technical products?

    Last year about this time someone either posted a link or their message linked to a blog and therein was the link to a board where some creative and interesting technical types like Stewart Brand had a list of useful stuff they loved , magazines, software, various kinds of markers and pens, etc. I can't find this, tried a variety of search terms for google. Anyone have a clue?

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    Gadgets Blog

    I'm not sure if this is the one, but I did bookmark this one a while back.



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      Don't have a direct answer, though you may want to look at Kevin Kelly's site (under cool tools).

      He has worked with Stewart Brand and states "I compiled the best of the cool tools a few years ago into a book. ... I co-host the evening with Stewart Brand."



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        Cool Tools

        Ah ha! I think you have found it, ReBuild. I did a forum search this morning on Gadgets and found a thread from last year, and then began to read posts. Your link is the same link posted last year.

        Here's the old thread:



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          that is exactly it! I didn't think to search under gadgets.


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            Gland to help.

            Though I must say that I cam up blank with a forum search. However, as I had Kelly's site bookmarked and recalled getting it of the GTD forum I was 95% confident that I had the right site. To confirm, I ran a Google search (Stewart Brand + Cool Tools) to see what came back. First couple of hits all pointed Kelly's site.

            Must say and it slightly off subject, Kelly has a cool story on a white board wall ... the ultimate low tech brainstorming item!