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Questions about file drawers and folders

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  • Questions about file drawers and folders

    I have trouble understanding David's recommendations about folders and file drawers for general reference filing.

    1.) When he recommends file folders, is he referring to simple manila folders or box folders? It looks like simple manila folders can't hold much material.

    2.) What kind of file drawers is he talking about? I initially thought he meant regular filing cabinets with hanging files, but on page 100 of GTD, he says,
    At the risk of offending a lot of people who are already using hanging files, I recommend that you totally do away with the hanging-file hardware and use just plain folders standing up by themselves in the file drawer, held up by the movable metal plate in the back.
    Could someone help by posting links to these kinds of file drawers? I just can't imagine how they might look as I live in India.

    Thanks in advance.

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    things that holds up the files

    In expensive file drawers there is a track that runs either down the center of the bottom of the drawer or two tracks along the upper sides of the drawer. A plate or thick wire attaches via pinsinto holes in the track or tracks. It pushes against the folders to hold them up when the drawer is not filled to capacity.

    Less expensive drawers lack this so people use boxes such as facial tissues, candy, cookies, or blocks of wood of various sizes. With hanging folders they don't fall down (in theory), so he is suggesting you use a system that has the built in gizmo that presses against regular folders to hold them up.

    As to folder, the thickness depends on your needs.


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      While DA recommends against hanging folders, many still prefer them. The major change is having the label only on the file folder and not the hanging folder.