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Has Anyone tried 'anagram'?

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  • Has Anyone tried 'anagram'?

    I saw this link on the Office Zealot site.

    This seems to save some clumsy key strokes for those of us that use Outlook/Palm as our main tools for GTD.

    Have you tried it?

    What did you like?

    Does it have any bugs or problems working with other Add-ins (like Netcentrics)?

    Curious to hear your experiences ...



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    Anagram Saves Me Time

    Yes. I use Anagram with Outlook on the desktop and Netcentric's GTD add-in. I haven't experienced any conflict between those programs. I use Anagram to capture contact information primarily. I highlight a signature block in an email and hold Ctrl and tap C twice and the information is automatically added to a new contact form in Outlook. I clean it up a little bit and save it. Less keystrokes, less cut and paste. I highly recommend it.


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      Must-have software

      Anagram is on my list of must-have software on any PC I use. It saves me thousands of keystrokes every month and reduces errors to boot.

      I only wish I could convince the folks at Textual to make a version for the Mac as well

      It's a well-crafted piece of software that has never created any issues for me and I run far more software than most because of my blogging (and my reflexive need to try new tools). The price is reasonable and the additional license strategy for those with multiple machines is a model I wish more developers would adopt.


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        Superb ... that's very helpful.