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Outlook add-in and sub projects

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  • Outlook add-in and sub projects

    Can someone please tell me how they use the sub-project feature of the netcentric GTD add-in? I have searched both this forum and the netcentric forums and can find no information. All help is greatly appreciated.


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    Sub-Projects in Outlook Add-In

    I use the NetCentrics add-in extensively and do not use the sub-projects feature at all. I prefer to use seperate projects as needed and reference a "overriding" project in the subject line. As an example we have recently submitted a WIRED grant for three types of training. I have three projects titled:
    @P:WIRED Grant - GTD Onsite Seminar
    @P:WIRED Grant - D/C Offsite Training
    @P:WIRED Grant - Strategic Planning

    On the GTD|Connect forum there has been some talk of subprojects and it looks like most don't use them since they have limited functionality.

    Hope this helps...


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      First thanks for your response. I have been trying to decide how to use sub-projects. It seems to me that sub-projects would be perfect for what you are doing. You would have a project named Wired Grants, and then you would list each grant as a sub project. This seems to be what you are doing with your current method. I am left wondering if the use of sub-projects will cause me to over control and slow me down.


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        i too use the Netcentrics addin. From the beginning i began using the Projects and Subprojects fields. Initially, i felt that it maybe added some overhead to the process (Honestly I still may feel that way). On some of my "projects", which are really functional responsiblities that never get "done", i use the subprojects as "sub categories". On others, like the Attached project for planning our Commercial Meeting later this month, the subprojects are actually subprojects that must get completed for the total project to be completed.

        although each subproject is actually it's own discrete project, it is helpful to have them organized in a tree format along with their siblings and parent when you review your projects. i think this is the sole benefit of using the subproject feature.

        of course as jtabbi notes, you can accomplish the same or similar functionality by clever and consistent project naming, but in that case you end up typing "@P:WIRED Grant " 3 times as opposed to only once if you used the Project / Subproject functionality. additionally, once you realize that the project and subproject dropdowns are key sensitive and will usually drop to the right entry based on the 1st one or two letters, there's a little more efficiency to be gained.

        again, i don't think it matters too much one way or another, and as always, your mileage may vary.
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          Subprojects for complex projects

          I use the Subproject functionality infrequently. Where I have found it useful is for complex projects, where you can be moving simultaneously on multiple fronts at the same time. I used this, for example, when I was recruiting someone for a particular position and had multiple candidates. For each, I had a checklist of Next Actions that I was using, like read resume, call/email references, schedule on-site interview, book hotel, send out job talk announcement, solicit interviews, etc. I could do these for multiple candidates in parallel and it was helpful to have each candidate as a subproject.

          phlow's example of project management above is a very good example where there are different elements of a large project that have many elements that can be moving simultaneously, though each with different completion dates.

          Cheers, David.


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            Projects view


            What view is that? Did you have to create a custom view?

            Thank you,


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              the pic is just the normal ACTIVE TASKS BY SUBPROJECT view in the NetCentrics addin. it's a helpful view for project review.

              the only customization i do is add a sort by priority then by subject. i use Activewords to establish semi consistent next action subjects (Create, Discuss, Send, Email, Link, Review, etc.)


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                Thank you

                It turns out my Add-in did not fully install, so your post lead me to a fix for that.

                Thank you,