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Treo, Notes, and Categories

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  • Treo, Notes, and Categories

    My Treo 700w syncs Notes fine, but there seems to be no Category functionality for notes on the Treo. does anybody have a workaround or 3rd party app recommendation?

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    List Pro may be the answer to your needs (USD 30). Link:

    Nevertheless, I'm surprised that the windows notes version does not provide category support. You may need to dig down through the preference options to find it.


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      List Pro v. Notes

      Thanks for the reply. I do have List Pro, but it does not automatically sync (especially on the road) to Outlook. I have indeed drilled through the preferences and have found nothing. I'm hoping that there is a third party app out there that does (automatically) what I am looking for. Any more ideas?


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        I had EXACTLY the same problem when I migrated from my Palm Tungsten E2 to the Treo700w. I'm using PhatNotes (I don't have a URL handy but Google it and it comes right up). They offer 2 or 3 versions of the software from a basic one to a really fancy notes tool (but it operates outside of Outlook which is my "home base" and I didn't need the extra functionality and required sync). I'm using the basic version and it's fitting the bill nicely. The synchronization is embedded in ActiveSync so it requires no extra effort. Once I decided I liked it I deleted all of the notes in the Windows Mobile application and turned off the sync to it, so now it's Outlook or PhatNotes only - just simplified things for me a little.

        Like most good software, they offer a trial period so download it and try it out. Good luck!