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anyone use SuperPen (by WizCom)

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  • anyone use SuperPen (by WizCom)

    This is a little handlheld scanner and translator. I purchased this for a family member who is studying a text in a foreign language. I think it has great potentional for getting through read and review actions when the primary information is on paper.

    I am wondering if any GTD users have any special applications or hints on using this device.

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    I'd like to hear how this works for you if you go ahead with it, Jamie. I've had one of these on my s/m (the IRISPen Executive Pen scanner), so I'm curious. I'm waiting because my current note-taking flow works pretty well - I print articles, put notes in the margins, put them into my inbox, then process the notes into ideas/reference/action...


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      it arrived but malfunctioning

      would not go into scanning mode-will post how the customer service goes.