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Great deal on a labeler

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  • Great deal on a labeler

    Hi folks, first time posting here. I'm reading through GTD right now, and I'm currently attacking the giant "pile o' death" of random mail and paperwork I've collected from around the house.

    I found a great deal on a PC based label printer on Amazon, promise this isn't spam...just seemed like a good deal and thought I would share.

    Brother QL-500

    I just ordered two of them, one for work, and one for home use, and so far I like it a lot. The label costs are a lot lower compared to old-school vinyl labelers. For filing, you'll need DK-1203 refills for 1/3 cut file folders.

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    Price has gone up. Was $40, now $57. Still seems like a decent deal compared to a Dymo.