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Free Tool to Speed Up OneNote & Outlook Usage

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  • Free Tool to Speed Up OneNote & Outlook Usage

    I created a free "Daily Record of Events" (DROE) Tool to help with note taking in OneNote 2007. I also just updated it to add some shortcuts for fast Outlook (2003) task and message creation, as well as easy creation of "PigPog" tasks. You can find more information and download the tool here.

    I'd be interested in hearing some feedback on the tool, as well as other features people would find useful. Some possibilities include support for EverNote (instead of OneNote), as well as an ASCII text-based DROE that wouldn't require any special applications. Thoughts?


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    Thank you Carl. I'm just starting up with Outlook 2007 + OneNote so I'll give this a try.

    Do you have any other resources for OneNote in GTD?



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      RE: Free Tool to Speed Up OneNote & Outlook Usage

      Hi Howard -

      Sorry for the slow reply! Something went wrong with my email notification so I just saw your post. Yes, I have a few other resources I can share... We have had discussion at length in this forum which can be found here:

      OneNote 2007 and GTD

      I also have some instructions and a GTD Project Template for Outlook here:

      Bending OneNote and Outlook to Fit my GTD System

      OneNote GTD Project Template

      Hope that helps!



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        Thank you

        Many thanks Carl

        It's all printed out and I'll be reading it on holiday!

        Kind regards



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          I just posted a new version of the DROE note taking tool. It now supports both OneNote and EverNote, as well as text-only note files. There is a handy pop-up note window that allows you to capture ideas before they slip out of your head.

          Details and download instructions can be found here. As usual, any feedback on the tool is welcome.