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Group NA's by verb

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  • Group NA's by verb

    I use the Outlook add-in. All my tasks start with a GTD Verb e.g. Print: Doc1 or Review: Doc 2 etc.

    How do I group tasks by verb in outlook? I want to see all tasks that start with Print irrespective of the project or context.

    I do not want to have Print as a context my only contexts are Agenda, Computer, Office. I can have tasks that start with Review in all 3 contexts

    Any help would be most welcome. PS I am using 2002

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    Sort alphabetically?

    Tom S.


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      Yes sort alphabetically and also be able to group by verb.


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        Originally posted by Greystoke View Post
        Yes sort alphabetically and also be able to group by verb.
        OK, I don't think there's a way to do this. I also take it that sorting alphabetically so that all subjects line up by the first word (i.e. the verb) isn't an acceptable substitute.

        I understand that you are probably using your categories as contexts but consider this possibility: use your categories for both verbs and contexts. Start your contexts with an @ sign so they group alphabetically to the top and your verbs will group alphabetically at the bottom. I do something similar and it works pretty well.

        Tom S.