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GTD Outlook Add-In or Jello.Dashboard?

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  • GTD Outlook Add-In or Jello.Dashboard?

    I like the previews for GTD Outlook Add-In, but Jello.Dashboard is free and looks pretty good.

    Has anybody tried Jello? If so, what are your thoughts? Is the GTD Outlook Add-In worth the price compared to Jello?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I like having Jello.Dashboard for doing my weekly review and for tracking parallel tasks for a project. I use it with Outlook 2008 and since it is an HTML page add in to a current view, it doesn't have the overhead of some of the other tools out there.



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      I've used the Jello.Dashboard and I like it as well.


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        How do these products...

        ...affect what you see on your smartphone? I rely heavily on my WinMo when out and about, and have been using pocket outlook while on the go. Since both products fiddle with both notes and tasks, i'd like to know how do they alter my notes and tasks in WinMo.
        I know they have no smartphone plug-ins, but since they both create new categories + note fields i'd like to know how do my notes and tasks + categories/contexts appear on smartphone before i try.

        If you have an opinion of the perfect product/combo for outlook (or some similar cloud service with syncable contacts (with custom fields), tasks, notes + calendar) + WinMo please do suggest it email doesnt have to be included since i use gmail on both (outlook and WinMo).