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Macro to sync GTD Addin and NextAction

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  • Macro to sync GTD Addin and NextAction


    I tried to paste all the text in the attached file, but the site would not accept my new thread. Somewhat frustrating.

    Anyhow, review the attached file for an explanation and the macro code.
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    I think I followed your directions...but I ended up getting a MS Visual Basic error pop-up:

    Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set

    Any thoughts on what I may have done wrong?\




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        Problem with the macro

        Hi roakleyca:

        I rechecked line by line of the macro, it matches what I am running.

        I have attached another file which is the exact macro, just to make sure I did not leave something out. Make sure there is no Wordwrap on when you paste it.

        When the macro crashed, did it open the visual basic editor and highlight the line with the problem? Try running the macro with the Visual Basic editor open. Once the macro crashes, you have to stop it ( stop button in VB editor ) to try it again.
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          Perhaps an Aha! moment

          Hi roakleyca

          This macro only works on the active task that is open in the Task form. It must be the Active Window. This will not work on a task that is merely highlighted on the Task List.

          The macro specifically requires that the Task is the active window. It uses the myOlApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem property.

          I placed the macro button on the toolbar in the Task Form.

          Perhaps that is why you are having problems.


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            Great Macro Tim!

            We even wrote about that: Syncing Outlook (+Netcentrics GTD Plugin) with NextAction!


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              Has anyone else tested this?

              Hi funkym:

              Thanks for the link. Have you tried this macro. It works fine for me but roakleyca had a problem with it.

              A few observations:

              1. Projects can be created in NextAction. If you create a task with that new Project and it is synced to Outlook, that task will be sorted as Project (none). Open each task and run the macro. That wlll create the Project in GTD, but you will get a popup from GTD asking if you want to save XYZ as a Project. Answer Yes.

              2. Project Sorting. I used to use @ProjectName format to designate important projects. However, NextAction ignores punctuation characters in the first position and still sorts alphabetically. So, I now use 0_ProjectName, 1_ProjectName for those projects I want at the top of the list.


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                Does the GTD/Nextaction addin work with Outlook 2007?

                I spent most of the morning trying to get this macro to work and have struck out. When I click on the button, nothing happens--no warning, no error, no action. I have copied the text of the macro into the module (word wrap was off), I have disabled all security on Macros ("No Security check..."). I have put the button both in the main outlook task bar and in the quick launch bar of the task window (I can't figure out how to add it to the ribbon). Any suggestions?


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                  Hi Dan:

                  I do not use Outlook 2007, so can't answer that question.

                  You have to put the button on the Task Form itself.

                  Open a new Task and Go to Tools > Customize > Commands.

                  Scroll down the categories to Macros and click - you will see P1.Sync_GTD in the Commands list

                  Drag that to the Toolbar of the Task form. Save the Task and close it. Now when you open a new Task, the button should be visible.

                  This macro only works when a Task is Open. If you create the Task on GTD, then there will be a Project and Action in those fields. Running the Macro will attach two new Categories to the Task - @Action and p:Project.

                  When you sync the BB and open Next Action, you will see that Task in the proper Project and Action.

                  If you create a Next Action and sync the BB, then your new Task will have a Project of (none) in the GTD view. Open each one of these Tasks and run the macro. It will move into it's proper Project and Action.


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                    Project required?

                    Do you have to have a project defined for each task for this macro to work? Some of my tasks are independent of projects and the macro crashes.