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    Hi Forum!

    I currently use a ruled notebook that I take almost everywhere I go. In it I jot down ideas and notes for various projects that I am working on as well as concept for future ones. As a scriptwriter I also will note down ideas for scenes and jokes etc.

    This notebook is incredibly precious to me and if I lost it I would lose hundreds of ideas that I've had.

    What I would love is a online storage system so that I could regularly transcribe my notes online and access them anywhere and most importantly have them backed up. Does anyone know of any good solutions for this?

    What I want to do would be to tag or label the ideas as they are entered so that I could then for example only view all the jokes I've thought of for Project A, or all the scenes that I could use for Project A or B etc.

    I've briefly looked at Microsoft OneNote, Google Notebook and Zoho Notebook but wondered if anyone knows of something better/ more suitable?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can highly recommend Evernote


    Have been playing with Evernote for a while now - very useful (and very free, unless you have lots of notes).

    The great thing about it is that it synchronises (via their servers) and notes can be viewed on PCs, MACs, Windows Mobile Devices, Iphones, and probably more that I'm not aware of.

    You can also make extensive use of Tags to sort your notes.

    Link is:

    Good luck !


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      Have you tried Backpack?
      I've found it to be pretty useful for general note-taking. I use one page for a kind of a summary outline of everything that's going on, then I use separate pages to break out major projects. I like it. It does cost money if you want to go over 5 pages, though.


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        Thanks guys,

        I checked out evernote. It looks really good although not ideal for my purposes but a great way to archive all your bits and pieces.

        Backpackit looks very good. Closer to what I was looking for. I will experiment with it to see if it is worth paying for.

        I guess I'm almost looking for some kind of online database in a way...

        Has anyone else got any other suggestions? These have been most useful!


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          Google Notebook

          Try google notebook. Its also free and does expanding/collapsing sections.

          Depends what you want it for of course - I find google notebook handy for gathering "web research" notes into one place.

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            Not the same thing....

            You won't get the same experience entering online, and you won't have it with you whenever you want it.

            Why don't you just buy a good scanner and create a digital backup that way?