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GTD/At-A-Glance line of paper-based products?

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  • GTD/At-A-Glance line of paper-based products?

    Is this still going to come out?

    I found this excerpt posted elsewhere dated late March 2008 from an e-mail they got from here:

    "We've entered into partnership with Mead/Westvaco, and the GTD/At-A-Glance line of paper-based products, including a notebook planner of our design, will launch in a major office supply chain in the fall."

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    GTD At-A-Glance Planner and Calendar launch tomorow -Nov 13.


    Just wanted to let folks know that our two paper planners and calendar produced with the At-A-Glance folks will be available in our on-line store tomorrow- Nov 13. I also wanted to mention that we are carrying just the planners, in two sizes and the calendar (letter size) at this time, the At-A-Glance folks have quite a few GTD products and they are duplicates of what we already have in our on-line store with the exception of the in-tray. We have a line of in-trays and we have opted to carry just the planners and calendar right now. We will also have the refills as soon as they are available. You will also be able to purchase these products in select Staples stores by the end of the month (we don't have an exact date yet).

    Check our website (product section) the products will be there in the morning! (Possibly tonight if I finish early enough and rebuild the catalog!) We will be adding additional photos, I know there are not nearly enough. Do scroll down on the detail image to get all of the photos posted on each product page. If you have any questions feel free to contact me personally. Thanks so much for your patience!
    Liz Harward
    (Dir. of product dev.)


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      Paper GTD Planners

      Check out this site instead. I think you will be impressed with what you can find that will cost you next to nothing.


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        Free Article on the Paper Planner


        Our store also has a free article on building a paper planner, so fine to go this route- if you don't want to build it yourself then you can buy one! Our paper planner article has all the instructions for how to build using best practices. David wrote it years ago! The DIY planner article is also great as it has the actual pages you can download. Here is the link to our planner article:

        Hey, in this economy do it yourself is a very valid option! You can also customize this way too and add a page for post-it-notes or just buy the paper refills for the planner. From my experience you can save about half the cost, paper is expensive and if you add in your time it can be a wash. At least now you have both options!


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          Remember that one of the principles of GTD is that it's technology-agnostic and that even goes down to the low tech approach. Many of the people David talks with on "In Conversation" have built their own GTD systems using the materials around them. You can use scraps of paper all the way up to the highest quality vellum.

          It's the system that's important not the tools (though they have to support the system, of course).

          I've used the DIY Planner templates for years and have adapted and modified them as my system has matured so that I now have a dozen or so basic forms, developed in Microsoft Word, on A5 paper to fit in my Filofax. If anyone's interested I'll post details of my system (my Filofax contents) and the forms I use.

          The Mead forms are just a grid, a lined page, a blank page and a notes page (Cornell style) but the organiser comes with notes on how to implement GTD. Again you can "do-it-yourself" and print off the GTD white papers (as I have in A5) and carry them around with you in your portable system.

          No-one should be fooled into thinking a few cool tools will give you all the answers. You have to work the system (or work your work as I think David says).

          (Another) David


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            Modified forms


            I would love to see what you have developed. I have been using some of the "canned" templates from DIY. It would be great to see what you have developed after using the system for a while. I have only been using GTD for about a year and my processes are far from mature in the area.


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              My GTD

              Attached is a PDF showing the layout of my Filofax and Word files for the principal forms that I use.

              Comments and questions welcome!
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