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Xobni for Outlook

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  • Xobni for Outlook

    I've been using the free Outlook add-in Xobni for the past 3 days and I am a proselytizing convert. It has already saved me significant time and aggravation. It organizes e-mails into threads and pulls out attachments. It's not fancy. It just saves me a lot of time sorting, filtering, and searching old e-mails. I didn't appreciate it until I started using it.

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    Xobni performance

    I agree that Xobni is incredible. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it due to some performance issues. Apparently they are aware of the issues because as I uninstalled, they asked if I wanted to be notified when they release their next update which addresses these issues.

    I used to spend a lot of time filing my emails. With Xobni, that became much less important since I was able to find everything I needed, pretty quickly, with a few clicks. Since my uninstall, I still have been able to keep the # of folders that I use to a minimum.