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How do you use Tasks on Treo 700wx?

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  • How do you use Tasks on Treo 700wx?

    I have been doing GTD on index cards (Hipster PDA). I want to use the Treo 700wx (Windows Mobile), but I can't figure out how to use Tasks on it, it seems like it would be one huge master to do list without contexts.

    1-How do you put the contexts in?

    In the Tasks mode, all it has is a "!" and "down arrow" and "Tap here to add a new task" and that's it! I checked the owner's manual and it does not show you how to do it! HELP!!!

    I hope the Centro with Palm OS is easier than this.


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    That's easier then you think. Open the tasks and then:

    - To add: press right button "Menu" and "New task"
    - To check of: as usual a checkbox on the left or "Complete" left button
    - Filter by context; "Menu" + "Filter" + needed context


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      I use Pocket Informant on a Treo 700wx for Tasks

      I use Pocket Informant 2007 on my treo to track tasks by action. It works well and synchronizes with Outlook. You can get a look at the software at