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Any Mac Users Interested in the MacHeist bundle? (Only a few hours left!)

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  • Any Mac Users Interested in the MacHeist bundle? (Only a few hours left!)


    if there are some Mac people here who consider buying the MacHeist 3 bundle of Mac apps at the very last minute (there are only a few hours left atm), it would be nice if they (two are enough) used my referral link to do so and then I could get the Koingo Utility package (which includes Librarian Pro and several other useful apps) and Ambrosia's pop-pop game.

    The link:

    The MacHeist bundle consists of 14 (!) Mac apps that have a combined list price of 900 $ and it costs only 39 $ (!!). 16 apps, if you count Delicious Library and another game in.

    How is this GTD related? One of the apps in the bundle is the nice new GTD app The Hit List which has got some great reviews in comparison to things and OmniFocus. Another one is PhoneView which lets you access notes, call history and disk storage on your iPhone/iPod touch. And you can also get Delicious Library 2 for free (which manages your DVDs, books, CDs etc.). For Delicious Library, see the directions on the MacHeist web page.

    The first one to use the referral link can get my license for the pop-pop game for free (I get the license for the game for the first referral, and I give it away immediately), the second can get two of the Koingo Utilities (but not Librarian Pro, Data Guardian, E-Mail Commander or Alarm Clock Pro, all of which I'd like to keep myself); the remaining candidates are the wireless network scanner AirRadar, the program uninstaller Amnesia, the monitoring tool Digital Sentry, the display management tool Display Maestro, the batch image processing tool Image Smith, the system utilities MacCleanse and MacPilot which make managing your Mac easier and the file sharing tool (for local networks) Swift Share. See the Koingo web site for details.
    Please note that I can only serve the first two.

    Oh, and 25% of the sales of MacHeist are given to charities (you can choose a charity from a list).