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[ANN] Actions, new iPhone GTD app

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  • [ANN] Actions, new iPhone GTD app

    I would like to announce the availability of our new iPhone app suitable for the GTD method. The app is called actions and you can find it at

    With so many iPhone to-do lists, what is the need for another one? Well, some things set Actions apart from the rest:

    First, one thing that a lot of GTD programs are lacking in is the planning of projects. As I understand GTD, normally you only plan for the next actions of your projects. You discover if your project has run out of actions during your weekly reviews and add them as needed. Personally, I think this is one of the core principles of GTD that makes the method simple and stress-free. Some of our competitors has very elaborate ways of planning for future actions, instead of letting the weekly review do the job.

    Our app, Actions, will remind you about any project that is "stalled", that is lacking next actions, so that you easily can ensure that all your projects has next actions.

    Secondly, Actions features a cool new feature called a "chain". Although not a part of GTD, I think it fits very well with the GTD concept. The idea is that you on a calendar mark every day you complete at least an action. The app features a nice chain view showing your chain since you started using the application. All the marks should form a continuous chain. You can use the chain during you reviews to track your performance and reduce the risk that you "fall off the wagon" with GTD.

    About Seinfeld chain:

    Best Regards,
    Jacob Wallström

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    The description reads like a faithful implementation of "vanilla" gtd, but there's no flexibility to it, it's relatively expensive, and it doesn't sync with anything.