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GTD for Palm OS... what are my options?

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  • GTD for Palm OS... what are my options?

    I just got a palm centrino with the OS system and i love it. I dont know whats out there besides what comes with the palm. Im convinced I can find something more effective for GTD on the palm then using the standard "tasks" that it comes with. Here's some stuff im looking for.

    -not web based, for palm OS
    -create large amount of catagories within one another. like folders containing folders, that you can input text quickly
    -ability to attach notes to tasks
    -have a quick link between projects and next actions, or all catagories for that matter
    -be able to make it so completed tasks dissapear
    -simple, fast.. etc

    you get the idea. something very simple and pure gtd. I dont like copying and pasting text in order to move something from projects to next actions.. also want to input information easily without setting up a bunch of stuff like priorities, security, dates, etc.

    thanks for the help all.