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Need Simple & FAST Categories for WinMo 6.1 smartphone/pocket pc

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  • Need Simple & FAST Categories for WinMo 6.1 smartphone/pocket pc

    Had to switch from a Palm to a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone (Samsung Epix, which has a touchscreen as well as small keyboard on front) and I DESPERATELY need to add in 2 functionalities that my Palm had but which WinMo smartphones do not:

    - Color indication for calendar entries (things I HAVE to be at during work hours are colored orange so I know at a glance that I have important stuff going on at work that day)

    - Ability to quickly sort or group Tasks by context (i.e., Outlook Category)

    Can anyone suggest 3rd-party application(s) that will get me this functionality without losing speed or making things unduly complex?

    I've tried Pocket Informant but in 10 days I never even got to where I could figure out what I was looking at, much less how to organize it in a useful way.

    I'm using Agenda One now, and it accomplishes what I need visually, but is horribly, horribly slow... to the point that it renders the "pda" functionality of the phone useless. It also seems to occasionally deactivate the thumb mousepad on the phone.

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    Changing task filter categories by button

    I am using the built-in tasks application mapped to the right (messaging) button simple press. This cycles throught categories, but unfortunately does not changes the title which category is shown. This is very similar to the way I used to use my Palm.



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      Use SPB Diary


      I have been a GTD user on Windows mobile for over 2 yrs. I think the best software out there is SPB Diary:

      It can do all that (color coding etc). Just create categories & go through software settings. Try a trial download before u buy.


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        I second Ateebih. I don't use their calendar though but it could be switched off through Tabs settings.