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Syncing 2 PCs and Google Calendar - Suggestions?

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  • Syncing 2 PCs and Google Calendar - Suggestions?


    Has anybody had experience syncing Outlook calendars on 2 PCs and Google Calendar?

    Here's my setup:
    Outlook 2003/XP
    Outlook 2007/Vista
    Google Calendar
    Palm Pre

    Outlook 2007/Vista is my primary PC. I want Google Calendar set-up so my wife can add events into to my schedule (e.g. the dinner on Saturday she swears she told me about. )

    My Pre is set up to sync with my laptop (Outlook 2003/XP) via the home wireless network.

    In theory, this should work, but I've read about some people having problems. I've looked at SyncMyCal and Google Sync.

    What would be the best way to get Google and the 2 PCs to live together in harmony?

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    You could set it up so your Outlook Calendar syncs with your Google calendar. You can do that with Google Sync. Beyond that, two suggestions: first, would be for your wife to add the event to your Google calendar and then it would sync over to your Outlook calendar or, second, your wife could also have her own Google calendar (my wife does this). Then, when she creates the calendar item in her own account, she could invite you to the event as a guest.


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      My wife has been using Yahoo for years and I doubt she'll switch. So while a really good suggestion, probably not doable for me.

      The bigger issue might be how to get 2 versions of Outlook to work together. It almost seems like Google and the Pre are the easy part - it's Outlook that is the problem.

      I'm open to any and all suggestions.


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        Adding to this, here is what I'm trying to do:
        • iCal syncs both ways with my Google account
        • Google and Outlook on my work PC (Office 2007) sync both ways
        • Google downloads to Outlook on my laptop (Office 2003) - one way sync
        • Google syncs with my Palm Pre

        Possible? Or am I asking for trouble?