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Suggestions for Software that Creates Dependencies

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  • Suggestions for Software that Creates Dependencies

    I have dozens of different projects (yard, diy, homeschooling, etc) going at any one time and I need actions to be automatically 'unlocked' and moved to NA status when the actions they are dependent on are completed.

    It's crucial that the NAs rise to the top and scream at me to get them done without me having to sift through project plans to find them.

    I'm about to start the trial version of My Life Organized, but would love any thoughts on if it's worth the money or any suggestions of other software. (Free is nice.) I'll be trying out lots of them before I commit to dumping my life into any one system.

    Also, I don't have a Mac, so Omnifocus is out.

    Thanks so much,

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    Good experience with MLO

    I have my system in My Life Organised, and though I don't tend to use the dependency function a huge amount, it has certainly proved useful when I have used it.

    MLO is a great system - have strayed from the path a couple of times to see if there are better options - but haven't found one yet.

    Good luck


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      Achieve Planner has dependencies: many to one, one to many, etc. It's very powerful, takes some time to learn, has a free trial.