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Outlook Notes categorized for list management

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  • Outlook Notes categorized for list management

    I recently read an article on the web from either David Allen or one of his coaches on how they set up Outlook Notes with categories to organize their list management. It included various categories for travel, checklists, etc. I thought I bookmarked it because I wanted to refer to it as an example but can no longer find it.

    Has anyone seen the material I'm referring to?

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    Apparently this is a reflection of how organized I currently am. I had an OUTLOOK NOTE entitled "David Allen's How to Use Notes More Effectively" a link to the website. I've looked through my bookmarks three times and did a half dozen Google searches all while it was under my nose!

    It really puts a twist I had not thought of. For those interested:

    It's from the Netcentrics website . . .