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  • TaskWriter - Productivity Your Way

    I'm going to use this thread to talk about our new productivity solution, TaskWriter. In just a very few words "TaskWriter is a flexible productivity solution that naturally fits your way of doing things".

    The longer version, TaskWriter brings unique "dashboard" feature, so that you keep an eye on everything, powerful email integration (2 ways to do that), complete export features (OpenOffice, Word, Excel, Text, XML), full integration to Google Calendar, RSS, integrated calendar, and browser integration.

    I will detail more in the next few days, one feature every two days.

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    How TaskWriter handles your email

    There are quite a few ways to integrate your email.

    Basically you are provided with a unique email address (like, and each email forwarded get transformed as a task.

    You have multiple ways to instruct TaskWriter how to place you new task.

    First, you have a "default email inbox", that's a special list where every email forwarded to your TaskWriter email address is placed by default.

    Next way, you just insert some hints at the start of your message like "next action @phone".

    And a more powerful way, useful for making the forward process automatic with forward rules, you define a special email address like "task-demo+nextaction+phone@taskwriter" and each email forwarded there is placed under "next action" / "@phone".

    A picture that summarizes the options :

    You can find more details on our blog .