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Outlook synchronization with Toodledo (Chromatic Dragon software)

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  • Outlook synchronization with Toodledo (Chromatic Dragon software)

    Hi there,

    I am wedded to using Outlook as my task manager at work/home, but I would really enjoy being able to take these task lists with me on my iPhone. In theory, I think I should be able to:

    1) have an account with,
    2) a corresponding iPhone app (such as Toodledo's own app; ToDo; etc.) that will sync with, and then
    3) use the "Toodledo Outlook Synchronization Client," written by Chromatic Dragon Software, to link my Outlook Tasks with

    with the end result looking something, I think/hope, like this:

    Outlook -- "Toodledo Outlook Sync. Client" -- -- iPhone app

    Please, is anyone out there set up like this? If so, how well does it function? My ultimate end-goal here is to use Outlook Tasks while I'm at my desk, use an iPhone app when I'm out and about, and, importantly, be able to update in one place and have the changes reflected in the other.

    Is this a realistic goal?

    Many thanks in advance for any input,

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    I have exactly this setup.
    1) I have a pro subscription to Toodledo.Com - it costs $15 per year and is well worth the money for the subtasks and to support the developer of the incredible tool
    2) I have purchased the Appigo Todo and Toodledo iPhone app. Both have there unique strengths and features, but I prefer the Toodledo iPhone app and every time I try others I always come back to this one.
    3) I also use the Outlook Sync tool from Chromatic Dragon. I used with 2003 for a while, but recently upgraded to 2007 and it works just as well.

    This setup keeps my Outlook perfectly in sync with Toodledo.Com and the iPhone app -- so does exactly as you need. The developer of Toodledo.Com and the Outlook Sync tool are very responsive if you have any teething issues in getting things setup.

    I do find I don't use Outlook tasks very much. Even at my desk, I tend to use the Toodledo.Com to update, mark tasks complete, etc. The only thing I use Outlook for is to get my emails converted into tasks which it does pretty well. I actually wrote some Outlook Macros so I can set some of the unique Toodledo.Com fields when I am creating a task from an email - I can share if you like, but it may need some expertise at your end to get them working for you.

    Hope this helps


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      I appreciate your encouraging note. I did not expect to be the first to figure out this set up, and was looking for feedback to see if the practice was equivalent to the theory. Also, I will be sure to look closely at the pro subscription to

      Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my original post.



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        Outlook/Toodledo macros?


        I would be very interested in the macros you have put together. I have most of the system working, that's the only piece I am missing.

        I am new to these forums, how does something like that get passed along?