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Notes/Lists program to supplement Outlook Add-In

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  • Notes/Lists program to supplement Outlook Add-In

    I am currently using Outlook 2007 with the Netcentrics Add-In version 3.0 with my Windows mobile phone.

    I am pleased with the syncing of tasks, calendar, and contacts through my company's exchange server.

    What I am looking for is a good notes/lists program to supplement this set-up which would allow setting up categories and offer the ability to have check boxes, etc. show up on the mobile device.

    The resident notes program in Outlook nor OneNote Mobile does not seem to do the trick. Does anyone have any suggestions on how they are doing this?

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    After watching Kelly's Webinar on Outlook, I became even more convinced that using Notes in Outlook could enhance my system. In addition to Kelly's suggestion to set up categories in Notes, the Netcentrics Add-In Manual has further suggestions on how to use this approach, with some idea starters on categories.

    I downloaded a trial of PhatNotes for Outlook to use on my Windows Mobile phone. It allows for synchronization of notes and their categories between the PC / phone.

    Thus far, the categories I have set up are:
    Movies to Rent
    Music to Download
    Prayer Requests
    Favorite Bible Verses

    It's nice being able to easily access / update these lists from within Outlook, and having them always with me on my phone is great.

    I agree with Kelly though, why Microsoft did not build in some basic formatting options into this section of Outlook is a mystery . . . .