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Toodledo and iPhone

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  • Toodledo and iPhone

    After messing around with a few different systems I'm actually getting a good feeling from using online for my GTD system, with the iPhone App as a decent in-tray. The site uses great Ajax to overcome most of the usual problems with web pages, context and tags are great for cutting across your jobs, and sub-tasks are OK for dealing with projects. It could do with just a little bit better highlighting of projects and singleton next-actions, but at the moment I don't see any system to beat it.
    And no, I have no commercial or other affiliation with them, I'm only a customer.

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    I'll second that!

    I recently started using Toodledo as well. I've got it sync'd across 2 different computers and my iPhone. The developer has a beta finishing up right now so there should be a couple of imporovements coming.