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Lotus Notes and iPhone synch question

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  • Lotus Notes and iPhone synch question

    I am considering buying an iPhone to replace my personal Blackberry (since it is dying). My issue is that I currently use my personal Blackberry to sync with my work PC that runs Lotus Notes - I mainly sync contacts, calendar and to do lists, but not email.

    However, from my understanding, iPhone does not have a good application for syncing with Lotus Notes and that I would need to purchase a third party application

    Question 1: Does anyone have a good solution or recommendation for syncing iPhone contacts, calendar, etc. with Lotus Notes running on a PC?

    Also, I thought I had read somewhere earlier that iPhones did not have a good "to do" application (i.e., task manager), but that you could purchase one.

    Question 2: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good to do application that I could use to sync with the Lotus Notes "to do" task manager?

    Finally, maybe I am limiting my thinking by only trying to sync between the iPhone and Lotus Notes - and perhaps a better solution would be to do the syncing with Google instead...? I suppose I am a creature of habit and had started GTD by syncing all my contacts, to do lists, etc. between my personal smart phone and my company PC application (eg., Palm with Outlook, Blackberry with Outlook and now Blackberry with Lotus Notes). I have always liked the fact that my information could be easily backed up and that all my personal and work information was in only these two devices.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Well...after searching online and talking to Apple tech support, it seems like my best option if I want to use the iPhone with Lotus Notes is to install a third party application called Notes Pro for iPhone. I have not yet purchased or installed it...but if/when I do, I will provide a brief update. Stay tuned.

    BTW: I also came across a Kelly Forrister blog post (see link below) on this topic in June 2009 where she expressed the same frustration of not finding a good sync solution between Lotus Notes and her iPhone:
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