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Critical Patch for GTD Outlook Add-In

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  • Critical Patch for GTD Outlook Add-In

    Critical Patch for GTD Outlook Add-In – !!! Install before Nov. 1st !!!

    Brief Description:
    NetCentrics has released an update for the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Version 3.0.40. This update is critical and provides you with the latest version of the Getting Things Done Add-In and offers the highest levels of stability. This update needs to be installed before the Daylight Savings Time change (November 1, 2009) in the US. This update corrects the issues of the Add-In loosing its activation status during Daylight Savings changes and time zone changes.


    IMPORTANT: Close Outlook before installing the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In.
    IMPORTANT: The update is a critical update that must remain installed on your computer in order for the Add-In to remain activated and fully functional.

    To install the update, please...

    1) Download the update from

    2) Double click on the GettingThingsDoneFix.exe to begin installation.

    3) Installation wizard extracts files with a progress bar.

    4) Open Outlook.

    5) Open GTD | About on the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In toolbar. The version should read 3.0.42.

    Update Issues:

    xxxx Daylight savings time change reverses the activation status

    6868 Emails stored in Public Folders are not found during Mail Search Folders

    6867 Digital signed emails not showing up in Project Detail Form

    6883 When the task's % complete is updated, the Project Detail Form does not update the % value

    6886 GTD Add-In error when appointments/meeting requests are forwarded

    6873 License losing activation status when time zone changes

    6859 GTD Send options are not available with MS-Word as editor

    6893 Tasks losing complete status after unhiding project

    6882 GTD task complete short key disables task contact

    6851 GTDOrder # has blank entries when new tasks are added

    6881 Active Tasks by Subproject needs Master Subproject Sort

    6855 Unable to Encrypt warning when user disables the encrypt warning

    6890 Task not showing in Project Detail Form if no action is assigned to it

    Contact Us:

    If you have any questions about the application in general, please contact Support at
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