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Advertisement Posts (all developers PLEASE read before posting)

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  • Advertisement Posts (all developers PLEASE read before posting)

    We are noticing an increasing number of companies using our Public Forums to advertise your products and services. Please do not use these discussion forums for that purpose. We strive to keep these Forums as GTD-centric, user friendly and discussion-oriented as possible. If you are genuinely posting to say why your product could be useful in response to something a Forum member is asking, that's fine. In your response, please be clear with our Forum members that you are affiliated with the application you are mentioning, especially if you will financially benefit from others using this application.

    If we find that a post is simply an advertisement that has little to do with the original post or attention to what the discussion is about, we will delete the post and possibly even ban the member.

    Please see the Forum Rules and Terms of Use for more information.

    The David Allen Company
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