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Pulling it all together at the end of a project

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  • Pulling it all together at the end of a project

    At the end of a project I find that I usually have a combination of e-mails and other computer files mostly .doc and .xls plus paper copies of project plans, meeting notes, brochures, blah blah blah you know the story.....

    While the Project is live they live in either my electronic or paperbased Project Support materials files.

    At the end of the project I simply move them to my General Reference section again electronic or paperbased.

    At the end of the year I'll either throw them out or archive them in our company's off site facility.

    Notes has a basic export facility to text or Word so I was thinking about burning the emails and files to a CD and slipping it in with the paper so theres only one reference point for retrieval.

    How other people handle this issue?

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    Closing out a project

    You can also "print" e-mails, Microsoft Office Doc's (Word; Excel; PowerPoint, etc...) as PDF's - and store them all in one combined PDF, or collect all the PDF's into a folder with the Project Title - stored on your company's server.