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PDA case recommendations?

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  • PDA case recommendations?

    I've discovered that one of the reasons I don't look at my PDA regularly is because the case I use is awkward and uncomfortable. It's a rhinoskin aluminum case that looks great--all sleek and metallic--but it's a pain in the neck to work with. So, in an effort to overhaul my GTD practices as well as my Palm use, I'm interested in any and all recommendations for great ways to carry a PDA.

    Protection is probably my chief concern, but that's what led me to the aluminum case. I've seen some interesting attempts at integrating PDAs into binders, but I'm not confident that the screen is protected or that pages could be easily used when a PDA is sitting on the other side of binder rings. (BTW, my PDA is a Palm IIIc that I've had since 2001--ancient in Palm years!)

    I think I'm even ready to set aside my aversion to Velcro. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.


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    My apologies--my post probably belongs on the Gear & Gadgets forum. I'll post it there.