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Working to be a GTD black belt - from a black belt

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  • Working to be a GTD black belt - from a black belt

    I am a black belt in ju-jutsu, and working on to become a black belt in GTD. Of course I like David comparing to martial arts and the belt system, wich I am used to, for setting new goals and trying to learn more every day.

    I am balancing a life of husband, father (two daughters), service manager, martial artist (training often 2 times a day, and competing in ju-jutsu), houseowner and more.

    For this GTD (and a Palm Tungsten) has been a huge help. (I also see Jason and I has something in common with much work and much training).

    I use GTD with projects and next action list, but I wonder if anybody also use a goals list and how this is relating to the project list, or if most have the projects list as the only goals list?

    Have a nice day. Train hard in GTD and physical training!

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    My "goal" lists

    Great prompt, I'm looking forward to hearing what people say.

    I have several "goals" lists. I broke them down using the "Best Year Yet" model. Last holiday season, Jodi and spent a week in New York. A couple of days working, and a few days playing. We talked about our areas of focus (as a couple, and individually) for 2004, and came up with some things to work toward.

    Several of those came down to long-term goals on my 30,000 and 40,000 lists. I have reviewed those lists once a month (since November) and each month, I grab one or two shorter-term projects and add them to the mix. I've already completed some pretty major things, and am looking forward to even more coming our way.


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      Thanks Jason

      Thank you Jason for your ideas about goals list. It had been nice to see some more answer about how goals breaks down to projects and then to next actions.

      I try to use a goals list wich can lead to projects. Example is to win Swedish Nationals in ju-jutsu, That is i goal. From that I see I have to do some projects. One will be to increase my ability in throws. That lead to one next action. Contact a judo specialist for go and train judo for a very high level judoka.

      So my idea is if more people start to thinking of the goal(s), or you just "throw" in projects what you might think you ought to do.

      PS. Keep training hard Jason. Do you know any good Palm software for training log ?


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        Re: Thanks Jason

        Originally posted by Viking
        Do you know any good Palm software for training log ?
        I'm actually using a pretty simple Excel spreadsheet to capture workouts (and this syncs via Documents To-Go).

        I find that the fewer things I track, and the more consistent I am in tracking them, the better information I have at the end of a training cycle.


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          Re: Working to be a GTD black belt - from a black belt

          Originally posted by Viking
          I am a black belt in ju-jutsu...
          Do you have any advice for learning ju-jitsu? Are some schools/instructors better than others? If you were to start from scratch, where would you go? And is it possible to train in this martial art and not get any permanent damage?


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            Training in ju-jutsu

            I suppose you live in USA. I live and train in Sweden. I think the martial arts market in USA differs pretty much from Sweden.

            Of course it is possible to train and not get hurt. I would be very careful of choosing a good instructor. Visit some school, speek with them, look on training, try a class. Then decide. I think the attitude at the school is more important then the style of ju-jutsu. Tell them what you want from training.

            (I train in very sports orientated style, wich you can describe as a mix of karate, judo, brazilian jiu-jitsu). I like when the training is dynamic and physical hard.)

            Good luck.