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Benefits of training employees in time management

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  • Benefits of training employees in time management


    I'm doing a persuasive presentation for a managerial communication course on Monday. I'm trying to persuade people that we should hire someone who can help employees learn organization skills, time management skills, and planning skills, as well as assist them in applying those skills.

    I've been looking on the internet for two hours now, and can't really find anything that tells specifically what the benefits are. I know it's common sense, but we have to have sources other than our brains.

    Does anyone have any information on where I might look?

    Thank you,

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    Amazon’s “Look inside” facility generally gets you a look at the introductory chapter of a book. It was through reading the introductory chapter of Getting Things Done that I was converted to David Allen.

    I suppose you might also consult Amazon for chapters from Covey, Brian Tracy, Alec MacKenzie, Mark Forster and others, (I HATE advertising the opposition, but you asked …). They have very persuasive ways of describing how productive a well-organised work day can be.

    I’m sure you could incorporate some of their points in you presentation.

    Best of luck!



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      I spent several hours in the library last night and I *might* have found something that will work. Will look for those ones later today.


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        Benefits of training employees in time management

        The biggest thing to sell through or avoid is the concept they are "defficient" or what they are currently doing is "not good enough."

        A positive positioning of the real benefits is the key, but I see that you are on to that!!!


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          If this is in the context of a business, you will want to show what the financial Return On Investment (ROI) is for the training. The benefits of training can be soft and difficult to quantify, but it can be done. For example, if training helps our sales people make one extra sales call a day, those extra calls may result in more revenue, etc..

          Franklin Covey has a book (at least in my local store) that is all about showing ROI for training initiatives. You might give them a call.



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  's in the school library.

            Thank you very much. I'm off to grab it before my class this evening.


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              Well, I had a midterm on Monday and a final on Tuesday and I didn't plan well. Luckily, she's letting me go on the 21st.


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                Benefits are gained by the type of training

                In your presentation are you emphasizing DA training?

                I think this is important because this is the one system that emphasizes how you will get there.. (i.e. visuallizing outcomes and next actions)

                It is important that people are not only organized but that they
                "See how to See how to". If they don't they will resist the training and their will be no ROI.


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                  Out of curiosity, what is DA training? I'll probably smack myself when you say it, but I'm drawing a blank.


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                    DA Training

                    David Allen / Getting Things Done


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                      I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do it. I'm looking at doing it as a proposal that they hire someone as a permanent on-staff coach-type person.

                      I will be using information from the site and citing him as a source though.


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                        I don't know why it didn't log me in the second time. It did the first time.