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Moving Targets?

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  • Moving Targets?

    I am tempted to diagnose my problem as one of moving targets. The symptoms are too many projects and undifferentiated next actions that are masquerading as projects. Would appreciate any thoughts on this. This is a little wordy but I don't know how else to explain it. I am finding that I have so many PROJECTS on my list that I feel overwhelmed just trying to review the list. Upon analysis I discovered that many of these PROJECTS are poorly differentiated NEXT ACTIONS that are related to existing PROJECTS or recurring tasks. I put them on my project list because they were a response to an external or internal in-put, or they were intially a single action that was on a context list but when I tried to do the action I discovered that I needed to do something else first or the next action involved more than one action. I wanted to capture these and put them on "IN" and then when I processed IN they became a project. What do you I think I need to do? I am feeling allergic to the project list because it is so long but I do not want to lose the items I need to do, I think I need to incorporate these into the project support materials, but then I won't have them with me for those odd moments or places when/where I could do them.