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Ok, it's all coming together now... :)

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  • Ok, it's all coming together now... :)

    It's my turn to say thank you

    Yesterday morning, I marked my "Weekly Review" tickler done until next week's time. That was the first time I also knew that I had properly reviewed and updated EVERY SINGLE Outcome and Someday/Maybe item that I have.

    Now I get to say, heck yes, it's a wonderful feeling! For me, it's the fact that I can know, with 100% certainty, that I've looked at every possibility I've identified, and made them exactly as visible and actionable as I think they should be.

    Now I can look at my Action lists, and know that those are all the things I've decided are important enough to want to do - and everything else is just a Someday list away.


    I know there's a lot of slow, steady collection still to go - (the FLYLady thought goes "It took years to get things where they are, it's ok to take a while to get it where you want it to be") - but I know that everything I collect and process will just keep improving my existence, a step at a time.

    For such a radical change from my hopeless overwhelmed depression, I don't have just Getting Things Done to thank. My fantastically loving and supportive wife, many depression and sleep disorder resources, and many other experiences all have played major parts.

    Now that I know what sort of emotional and physical energy I'm going to have to accept as my (less than I thought I should have) personal resources, GTD has given me the perfect method to use that energy in its most helpful ways.

    For that very important part of my new life, thank you all... David, Jason, and posters too numerous for me to list

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    I got close last week. I'm hoping to hit it this week. I think it's probably getting up to speed. I'm basically doing all the weekly reviews and organizing I should have done on these projects, but these projects were all started pre my interest in getting things done.