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  • Labeler

    Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced labeler for file folders?

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    I love my Brother PT-65. Got one for work and then one for home. They go on sale regularly at Staples for $19.99 and occasionally as low as $14.99.

    I prefer the fonts to the higher-end Brother labelers, it uses the inexpensive ($8.99) "M" tape, and there's much less waste (blank tape) on either side of the text. Possible downside is it only takes batteries, but by turning it off when not actively labeling, I'm still on my original set of batteries in both units!

    Hope this helps,


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      I bought the Brother PT-2600 with the optional AC adapter. It can print individual Avery labels as well as use tape. It also doubles as a computer printer and comes bundled with software for both the mac and pc. The software gets a bit getting use to, but allows you to print graphics and use lots of different fonts. It's a bit pricey at $130, but Brother has a $30 mail-in rebate right now. The Avery labels can also be a bit pricey, though it's nice being able to print different sized labels individually for file folders, envelopes, etc. For bigger jobs, I use MS Word, the Avery templates and label sheets.

      For more info;User=ptouch


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        Is the PT Brother labeler that they're offering at Costco any good?

        It doesn't mention the electrical outlet. How much is one of these if I need to buy it separately.


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          I use my pc, ms-word and my printer with label stock bought at staples. I have a shortcut to a word document with the label layout. I can get there in two clicks....I like the ability to type on a full keyboard, and use copy-paste. I run the same sheet of labels through my printer many times, printing as many or few labels at once as I need.

          The cost was only the cost of the label stock, and the time to set up the word doc. Very important - I can reach my printer from my desk chair without getting up.


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            PT-65 Second recommendation

            I second the recommendation for the PT-65. It's quick, is very gentle on the batteries it uses (although it seems to use an inordinate amount of them), and is highly reliable. Oh, and it's CHEAP as well. I ran into one downside, though. If you look at the Brother Website in the UK (as I just ran into via Google), you'll see one in a hideous yellow color. Advice for those in the UK: buy the much more gentle-on-the-eyes green American variety the next time you're in the States (or have someone send you one).


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              We have a Dymo. It works wonderfully and is shared between 8 pcs.
              Just open the software, enter your label text and click print. It's on our secretary's desk so I have to walk to her desk to get my label but it works wonderfully.