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GTD Fast vs. GTD Audio

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  • GTD Fast vs. GTD Audio

    Having listened to (and greatly enjoyed ) GTD Fast, I was wondering about the audio version of the GTD book.

    I've read the book, would listening to the tapes be helpful or did I get most of it from the "Fast" series?


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    Product differences...

    Hi there:

    Book = 200+ pages of tips/tools/ideas

    GTDFast = 8+ hours of David on stage... always fun

    GTD audio = 3+ hours of David reading an abridged version of the book.

    If you're looking for "bullet-point" refreshment, ideas you can listen to "pretty quickly," or a short overview of the whole program, the GTD audio is a great way to go.


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      Personally, I'd skip the audio book

      I found the abridged audio book was pretty flat. David's magic is his animation and humor and it really shines on the GTD Fast CDs. I listen to portions during my weekly review every week and have a few choice cuts on my Audible player to listen to during walks or drives.


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        Ready for Anything CD's recommended

        Just thought I would say that the Ready for Anything CD's really work for me, better than the book. Frequently something will just resonate with me. In many ways, the CD's are better than the tapes. I felt the opposite with the GTD book/tape. There I found the book much more helpful.


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          I also found the Ready for Anything CD's really implemented nicely into my routine. I read the book first then bought the Cds to listen while I drive and wait at airports and such. Sometimes when Im driving and a key point hits home I'll shut it off and reflect for a while. I'll probably keep buying CDs when available. Too bad you couldnt download Mp3s of live events or even the newletter.