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End of year clean up

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  • End of year clean up

    I remember one item from a David Allen seminar is to purge files at least on a yearly basis. OK, so what does a person really need to keep?
    Tax records, I believe is generally seven years
    Pay stubs?
    Bank statements?
    Investment statements?
    Really I'm looking for the best set of rules before I start purgng.

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    Do a web search for your state or country on "Record Retention" to know the guidelines on this. It does vary by location. That would give you some direction.

    And, what I've heard David Allen say on this is, "When in doubt throw it out. When in doubt keep it!"


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      Originally posted by kcarrol2 View Post
      OK, so what does a person really need to keep?
      Vries by state and country and business. My federal sheep records are mandatory for 5 years, farm records for 10, tax records for 7, investment statements until I use the money (which for me means something like 40 years) so it can vary widely. I'm starting to scan nearly everything and save it that way but it does take both time and space to do so.