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Integrating Projects & Other Tracking Systems w/ GTD

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  • Integrating Projects & Other Tracking Systems w/ GTD

    In my current work context, we have both project and task/issue tracking systems. I personally implement GTD (my team doesn't - they interact with the above two systems).
    For people in a similar situation, how do they integrate their GTD work with other shared systems.
    e.g., I need X to do task Y, so I put a task in the task/issue tracking system for X, and...
    a. put a "wating for" in my GTD system
    b. don't bother.
    What I have been doing is putting all things that either don't belong in the shared systems (e.g., "talk w/ Barb about X") or are in the system, but are very important in my GTD system. So, they're is some duping.