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Little GTD Victories

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  • Little GTD Victories

    Last edited by CosmoGTD; 03-29-2006, 01:20 AM.

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    Bravo, Coz! I can appreciate such change in behavior as I am "a great picture" girl myself. And how this "littlle" things spoil our life if we let them slip... oooh



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      I couldn't agree more. GTD really helps with the little things, and the longer I do it, the more effortless it becomes, which leaves more time and energy for the bigger things.



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        Little victories

        We can learn a lot from what Allen calls "low-cost successes." Last week, after reading a few particularly good threads on the Forum, I drafted my Successful Outcome for the holiday weekend -- trip to another city with a stop on the way, with three children. I wanted to be "ready," but the results were unbelievable. The morning of our departure, I was so relaxed that I got some extra sleep before the rest of the family woke up. It was a vivid example, to me, of the "psychic RAM" wasted on open loops. In the past, I have exhausted myself not so much from doing things, even from worrying about things still to do, as from worrying about what I'm forgetting! Stupid! Taking 20 minutes to envision the elements of an enjoyable weekend uncovered some easy but critical preparations, and resulted in a peaceful evening back at home, concluding a nice holiday.

        I am not an at-home mom, but this experience told me a lot about why I dread an important component of my professional life -- events planning. My colleagues tell me I'm great on the details, but in the end, I waste energy unnecessarily and am then completely drained when I need to be at my best -- when my volunteers, donors and prospective donors show up at the event.