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getting started: setting up filing cabinet drawers

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  • getting started: setting up filing cabinet drawers

    just finished reading gtd and want to start implementing a paper based system at home this weekend. i don't fully understand what should go in each filing cabinet drawer. i know general reference files and a tickler file have their own drawer(s). but what should i do with the rest of my files (next action categories, project lists, support material, waiting for list, someday/maybe list)? also, once i have the process in place at home, i'd like to implement it at work as well. how can i incorporate an "at home" and an "at work" system? (i am in a transitional job right now which is not my career, so i don't want to start the process at work). sorry for the long post and thanks for the help.

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    The way I do it is that I have a smallish "stand-up" file holder that sits on my desk which holds NAs, Projects, etc etc. But they could also live in a file cabinet too.

    I also have two mostly-independent systems, one at work and one at home. It's nothing more complex than setting up the system twice. A useful additional folder is "Take to Work" in your home system, and also vice versa.