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where to place wait-for reminders?

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  • where to place wait-for reminders?

    I still haven´t decided where it is best to place the reminders for stuff which I am waiting for from my work colleagues:
    • @work
    • waiting for

    The only context where I can (physically) recieve stuff from my colleagues is @work.
    When I´m at work, I could read that list and speed up things in case when needed.

    On the other hand, this would change my "waiting for" list to "waiting for personal stuff".

    Any suggestions?

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    create Wf-contexts


    why not create Wf-contexts? So you would have a @WF-work and a @WF-personal list within your WF-list.

    To not forget to browse the Wf-list you could also create a NA called "browse Wf-list" on your @work list.

    If you put WF-items on your @work list, then your @work list, which I presume is a NA-list, will get cluttered with non-NA-items. I wouldn't mix Wf-items and NA's on one list.



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      I have a WF context. Most of the time I just go through them in the weekly review, maybe turning them into email/phone calls to chase the person in question.

      If there's a deadline involved il put it in the calendar.


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        Don't blend Waiting For with Next Actions. There aren't many things in GTD that are black/white like that, but that is one of them (in my experience!) to have clearly defined boundary lines.

        These would be separate lists (pages, categories, views, etc., depending on where and how you manage your lists.)


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          I have a "triggers" context which I try to review every morning. I'll throw actions which depend on some external event ("when you see X do Y" things) on it. Things such as "Software installed: email IT closing ticket".

          It's a bit cumbersome but the best solution I have found for those dependent actions which are not next actions. I recommend making a daily check list and throwing "check triggers" on it.

          The difference between a Triggers context and a Waiting For context is that you have not decided what you need to do next with the Waiting For but you have a definite next action for the Trigger. To me Waiting For is a bit nebulous and Triggers are concrete.