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Weekly Review Question

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  • Weekly Review Question

    I'm staring up with GTD and understand the value of a weekly review. But, is once a week often enough? Do any of you do a review more often, maybe even daily?
    any thoughts would be most welcome. thanks,

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    I do very short reviews at the begining and end of the day

    Hmm, I basically said it all in the title line, but every day I sort of scan through as I select the day's tasks, and then again at the end of they day I do a short review to see how I did against the plan. I find this very useful.


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      Originally posted by oneduffer View Post
      I'm staring up with GTD and understand the value of a weekly review. But, is once a week often enough? Do any of you do a review more often, maybe even daily?
      any thoughts would be most welcome. thanks,
      Like the above, I scan my next actions list each morning and pick out the few i think would be best to do that day. I usually scan through the projects list as well, just in case something jumps out at me. Similarly I normally tidy up my inbox/intray.

      But this isnt quite the same as a weekly review, where I scan through project after project. I wouldn't normally do more than one review a week that was comparable to the weekly review. I think the only reason is that the time it takes wouldnt be worth the somewhat small gain - rarely do I nail so many next actions in one or two days that my whole system becomes out of date.


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        As much as you need, when you need it

        I do a daily review (~20 min) and have learned that my life is just a bit too busy for the weekly review. Instead I do the equivalent of a weekly review every five days. Yes, that is even more often than normal. When things get really rough, I tend to do the equivalent of a weekly review every other day (or even everyday) to stay clear and calm. You review as much as you need to to stay clear.

        That said, I have given my self permission (sometimes) to go for up to three weeks without any kind of review. For example, when I'm traveling I get tremendous amounts of input and I would have to be constantly in review mode to keep my system up. Instead, I keep around several notebooks, digital camera, portable inbox, phone, etc. and just use everything as in. I'll sort it all out over several weeks after I get home.

        Ps. I'm from Idaho and run an small but international company out of a small rented apartment in Brazil. I live with my not bi-lingual wife and have two kids under the age of four. And currently, I'm moving across the country to Curitiba. And even with all that, I'm clear enough to write this message to you. GTD is pretty amazing.


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          thanks for your insight

          thanks for letting me know how you go about reviews. Its interesting and what I'm seeing from many of the posts and this thread, is that GTD doesn't have to be rigid. thanks again, I'm encouraged by what I'm reading and hearing.


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            There were a couple of times were I did 2 weekly reviews instead of one... too many inputs, and my head was starting to spin and feeling out of control. After the weekly review everything was fine

            On the other side, I've also did some 'skips' on the weekly review a couple of times, but on those occasions do smaller reviews to make sure no bombs will explode during the week by taking a look at what's coming in your calendar, any deadlines in your main lists, etc

            take care!


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              a small aha moment

              thanks for everyone's input. I'm reading and re-reading and I think I answered my own question. aha. As I get new things, I put them in my inbasket and that's what I need to get to zero. I guess however often, I don't know yet, I need to process my inbasket, which from what I'm reading is different than the weekly review.


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                Understanding how GTD best works for you is a trial and error process.

                A year ago I had morning and evening reviews, alongside weekly and monthly reviews.

                Currently, i'v molded what best works for me and do a daily morning review where I scan and flag 3 items that I would not want the day to end without doing. I used to do a formal nightly review, where i'd process to zero, but dropped doing it considering I don't really know where i end up each night.

                I still do weekly reviews,; though admittedly feel they should occur every 5-6 days, alongside still doing my yearly review in january of each year.