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Using Lotus Notes and GTD - Folder System

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  • Using Lotus Notes and GTD - Folder System

    Email Folders
    Per David I created folders called

    My problem is I use Lotuse Notes and if I go to look for someting in the archive folder it becomes very difficult since Notes search capabilities seem to be limited and I can not sort by subject. Thus if I need to find something for my 2006 Berlin Conference it has become quite cumbersome to find quickly my relevant emails since now all my emails are being stored in a folder called @Archive (once the action step is completed). Prior to GTD I would have created a folder called 2006 Berlin Conference.

    Any thoughts, suggestions...I love the fact that I am limited to 4 folders, I just need to be able to retrieve effectively ?

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    Hi there,

    I love the fact that I am limited to 4 folders, I just need to be able to retrieve effectively?
    The GTD approach doesn't limit you to 4 categories. David has dozens and dozens of Lotus Notes email folders with very specific titles and topics.

    No matter how many you choose to use, searching in your All Documents view in email works well, or View>Search within a folder.


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      So on Davids section "Managing E-mail Based Workflow" he is suggesting to add folders called @waiting, @action, @reference, etc in addition to my current existing folder system with the sole purpose of collection ?


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        I just bought Lotus Notes and GTD from Davids website. I will read thru this and see if it helps. Also, I tried to send an email to the link you provided, but the email failed ? It said it was rejected by the recipient name ? Just an FYI. I was curious about any classes that GTD offers, but I found a link...

        Thanks again...


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          Not sure why you would get an email bounce. Never heard that before. You could also try reaching our support team at

          All of our online classes are done through our online learning center, GTD Connect. You'll find a huge library of resources to learn and master GTD.



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            you might look at the eproductivity website. It offers enhanced tools for implementing GTD with lotus notes. I find it extremely useful. It pulls together projects and their actions, for example.