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Your Ability to Get Things Done is Directly Proportionate to your Ability to Relax.

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  • Your Ability to Get Things Done is Directly Proportionate to your Ability to Relax.

    I can't remember the last time I slept in and decided to do nothing except for eating breakfast.

    Since perhaps a month now, going on two, I've been waking up every morning to almost immediately jump in the shower and head out the door; whether it be a weekend, work day, or off-day.

    I don't like to waste time and figure that on my days off I tackle and wrap up projects that can't get done on my work know, the little errands and such.

    This particular past weekend was extremely busy and feel I have to mention this as I fear I may be potentially be getting ready to burn myself out.

    My friend and I are planning a 3 month excursion to Tokyo, Japan, of which we'd like to leave within a month. Most of my Friday consisted of researching towards the project. Saturday consisted of typing up a long essay for school, which not-so-surprisingly took a bit of mental effort, of which at the end left me frayed and tired. Sunday, I went to the Zoo with family, an event I invited 10+ people to over a month ago. The entire day was spent walking with a digital camera, taking photos, and an iPod Touch, reflecting on my OmniFocus system...though quickly sighing in relief that most of my projects would be placed on hold for the day, considering I was at the zoo of all places.

    Sunday night I met up with my friend to continue discussing Japan, which ended late @ 2am as we sent out an array of necessary emails.

    *Side note: My friend, who is coming with me to Japan, knows of GTD, has seen my OmniFocus..though he's the complete opposite of being productive; of which I think this topic somewhat molds over in terms of feeling like i'm gonna break down soon. i.e., He expects me to plan the entire trip. In fact, today he asked me if I wanted to go play tennis and kill some time just walking around the mall. Personally, I don't really feel like "relaxing" in that way, considering if I did indeed go to the mall to just walk around, I wouldn't really be relaxing.

    (Those emails were ALL sent by me as my buddy scanned Netflix.)

    Today I was supposed to go to get a tune up on my car, alongside getting the tires realigned, etc etc..though, after waking up this morning to only 5 hours of sleep, doing laundry and not even eating breakfast... I threw in the towel, internally deciding that my car's tune up can wait. I've been through this road before in my 2 1/2 years with GTD; where I'll experience a boost of productivity at the behest of my mental and physical sanity.

    Yes, today is my day off, my day off to get the car tune up, alongside other errands, but i'm just too tired.

    In a way, I firmly believe taking it easy today is an investment, considering there have been times when I'll just plow through and attempt to tackle every single possible action, then burn myself out and then not even want to look at my OmniFocus system for days; essentially falling off the wagon.

    It's my day off too...and can't remember the last time I simply did nothing. I can't remember the last day I just put on the TV, eat a good meal in peace and quiet away from the kids and just relax. The silence i'm hearing now (2pm) in my living room is truthful bliss. At 6pm, everyone gets home, music blares, cooking commences and the kids run around with finger paint and choo-choo trains.

    I'm not sure why I began this thread; perhaps not to feel quilty "taking the day off," but realistically more-so because I feel its a good topic of conversation to have.

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    Happy Dude,

    I agree with you. Whether we admit it or not, we all need time off to rest. And I'm absolutely amazed at how, sometimes, when I'm doing nothing but relaxing and re-energizing, some wonderful ideas that pop into my head (things I need to write down and save for later when I can act on them) that I probably wouldn't have thought of had I not purposely slowed down and taken my mind off my work.