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Labeling question

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  • Labeling question

    I just got a brother P-touch labeller today along with a hold stack of hanging files and file folders (letter size 1/3 cut tabs). Getting a stack for home and work came to more than $150 so a sizeable investment.

    I have a quick question on making labels - where do I stick them on the file folder? Should I make it fit so it sticks on the tab, or can I just stick it towards the top, but on the main front face of the folder. The main reason for asking what may be an obvious question is that my first label is BANK - [Name of Bank] Checking and it's too long for the tab.



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    Re: Labeling question

    - where do I stick them on the file folder?
    Two solutions we've found with clients:

    Abbreviations: B- Wells Fargo
    B- ETrade
    B- Bank of America


    Get the Folders that you can label all the way across (they are NOT 1/3 cut, they are 1/2 or full cut).


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      Yep go the full cut

      I like my labels to be meaningful and without abbreviations
      saves time if you dont have to remember what SNAFU actually stood for on that general reference file you made 9 months ago.

      If you are really looking for a low energy, low priority time filling job that helps you recycle folders grab a pile of folders and a tape dispenser and run a strip of clear tape across the top of your full cut manilla folders.

      Those P touch labels stick nicley to it and they peel off when the project is done and go right back into the pile to be reused.


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        I use the smallest font on my labeler with all caps. I cut off the leading blank portion of the label, so I can get more words (if needed) on the tab. I rarely have to abbreviate (i.e. "HEALTH CARE POWER OF ATTORNEY" fits on a 1/3 cut tab.)

        I use reinforced tab folders. They are more expensive, but they hold up much better over time and stay crisp.

        Putting clear tape across the tab to easily remove old P-Touch labels sounds like an excellent idea. I haven't liked reusing old folders because the old label shows through. I'll give this a try.