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    I have an item that will require re-evaluation and followup from me in about 15 months. I am trying to find the best place in my system to place it so it will be out of site now and rear up when needed. I have discovered I don't have a good place for such long term items. What are some of you doing to handle such items. Using outlook/Palm as my primary reminder system.

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    If you're certain that you won't need it for the next 15 months, if it's a physical item that's small enough to go into a tickler (postcard, piece of paper or a couple of pieces stapled together), I'd drop in a tickler for the last open month. For me, now, that would be April. Put a sticky note on it that says "move to July tickler," and forget about it.

    Like all uses of ticklers, though, before you do this, make sure you won't possibly need to find it between now and then.


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      Use The Month Folder

      I've encountered this situation before. When I have a tickler item that is more than one year out, I put it in the relevant month, but make sure I do something to highlight the fact that the item is for a subsequent year. So if the item is for July, 2005, I would put it in the July folder. I would also highlight the date or put a post-it note on the item so that when I processed the July folder, I would just leave it in there for next year.